MHealthy Annual Report

Health and Well-Being Services’ impact continued to span across the university in 2021. Consisting of MHealthy, Mental Health Counseling and Consultation Services, and Occupational Health Services (OHS), we provided support where university faculty and staff needed it most, while remaining agile in an ever-changing environment.

Highlights from 2021 include:

  • U-M and MHealthy was recognized with one of the highest honors in workplace well-being, the prestigious 2021 C. Everett Koop National Health Award. Among the strengths cited were our comprehensive programming, leadership support, pandemic response, strong culture of health and approach to address vulnerable populations.
  • More than 11,000 unique faculty and staff engaged in MHealthy programs and services.
  • With COVID-19 restrictions continuing throughout 2021, we continued to offer the majority of our services using a telehealth model. Programs like the resource coach, exercise and relaxation classes, leadership workshops, and alcohol management and tobacco cessation consultations supported employees remotely. Ergonomic consultations were offered in in-person and remote formats.
  • Our mental and emotional health clinicians provided one-on-one virtual counseling support and tailored and focused interventions, resulting in nearly 14,000 interactions with faculty and staff by Mental and Emotional Health Services.
  • MHealthy’s ongoing commitment to supporting the health-related social needs (such as food insecurity and economic instability) of U-M’s employees remained a priority.  Programs like the resource coach and food cupboards in units continued, and nearly $70,000 was awarded through the Emergency Hardship Program and the resource coach mini-grant program.
  • We launched the new MHealthy Portal, powered by Asset Health, giving benefits-eligible faculty and staff and their U-M health plan enrolled spouses/OQAs access to a more inclusive suite of online health and well-being programs and resources. More than 11,000 users engaged in the portal, which offered challenges, courses and resources related to financial well-being, sleep, mental and emotional health, nutrition and more.
  • Occupational Health Services was the central point of contact for employee COVID-19 testing, respirator fit testing, and vaccine distribution. OHS administered more than 34,000 COVID-19 shots and more than 32,000 flu immunizations.
  • MHealthy partnered with a number of university units, faculty and staff experts, and external stakeholders for their expertise for programs like Nourish Your Whole Self, our Asset Health oral health course, and sleep resources. Our MHealthy Advisory Committee addressed topics like burnout, housing and the arts, and their connection to health and well-being.  
  • Our contribution to the national conversation on workplace well-being included two research studies published in the American Journal of Health Promotion. One analyzes barriers around using workplace well-being programs among workers in different wage categories. The other focused on work and home-based stressors and how they were associated with perceptions of organizational and supervisor support for health and well-being among workers in different wage categories.
  • Our programs have continued to achieve high marks in customer satisfaction, rating between 4 and 5 on a 5-point satisfaction scale.

To our staff, faculty, university leaders, and partners, we continue to be inspired by your dedication and grace. We look forward to continuing to work with you and contributing to the excellence of the university.

Read the full CY2021 MHealthy Annual Report.