Resources for a Low Stress Workplace

Our everyday work environments have a huge influence on our health, happiness, and well-being. The MHealthy Thrive! program works with leaders and staff across the university to foster a positive and supportive workplace culture that values everyone’s potential and brings out our best.

The following resources have been developed to help support individuals and work units as we strive to achieve a low stress, psychologically healthy workplace:

Additional helpful resources:

  • Center for Positive Organizations based at the U_M Ross School of Business - Our mission is to inspire and enable leaders to build high-performing organizations that bring out the best in people. We are a catalyst for the creation and growth of positive organizations.
  • U-M Organizational Learning - We are innovative learning experts who understand the unique U-M culture and deliver contemporary professional development that fits the needs of the university. We’re committed to building the University’s greatest asset–you!
  • APA Center for Organizational Excellence - Organizations of all types are implementing programs and policies that foster employee health and well-being while enhancing organizational performance. Learn more about the types of practices that can help you create a psychologically healthy work environment.