Accessing the Service - Caregiver Qualifications

The U-M Work/Life Resouce Center has contracted with a home healthcare agency, Kennedy Care/ Safe at Home, to provide this service. The caregivers are screened and trained in areas such as childhood illnesses, child development, and CPR. The agency is bonded, and all caregivers have had state and FBI criminal backgound checks.

Many of the caregivers are students in nursing or education, and some have completed their degrees. Other caregivers are retirees with formal and informal experience with children.

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Disclaimer: The U-M Kids Kare at Home program is offered as an option for parents/guardians. The use of the program should be carefully considered by parents/guardians, taking into account individual situations and preferences. The caregivers for this program are screened and trained through a caregiver agency, Kennedy Care/Safe at Home. Caregivers receive annual training. The U-M Work/Life Resource Center does not endorse or recommend any individual caregiver.