Benefit for Employees and Students

University faculty, staff, and students can access a network of caregivers in their area through The service includes caregivers for children (including tutors), adults, seniors, pets, and more.

The monthly membership fee for is covered by the university. Employees and students will be responsible for the cost of the care they utilize. This benefit is currently available through mid-January 2022. 

  • Regular (non-temporary) employees, register at using your U-M uniqname.
    Watch a short video on how to enroll

  • Current U-M students should register via our student sign-up for unless they are part-time or full-time, regular U-M employees (e.g. GSIs, GSRAs) -- those students are already in the system and do not need to sign up. 

  • If you already have a premium membership to, you may be eligible for reimbursement after signing up for U-M’s Care@Work program. Contact member care at 855-781-1303 for assistance.

Visit to get started and watch a short video on how to enroll

Temporary employees, retirees and alumni are not eligible for this benefit.