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UHR Procedures: Basic Long Term Disability Enrollment and Application

APPLIES TO: All AFSCME Regular Staff and All Regular Faculty and Staff with a Benefit Eligibility Date Prior to September 1, 1981, Who Did Not Elect the Expanded Long-Term Disability Plan and TRADES Regular Staff with a Benefit Eligibility Date prior to 8-1-86 who Did Not Elect the Expanded Long-Term Disability Plan.

ISSUED BY (DEPT): University Human Resources

SPG NUMBER: 203.01-0

DATE: 10/1/2004

Procedure A: Enrollment procedures for the Basic Long-Term Disability Plan for newly eligible AFSCME employees at Four Years of Service

Benefits Office

For AFSCME staff, enrollment in the Basic Long-Term Disability Plan is automatic after four years of service with any percent appointment greater than zero.

Benefits Office will automatically enroll eligible AFSCME staff in Basic Long-Term Disability coverage effective on the four-year anniversary date.


In all cases, must be actively at work before coverage can take effect.

Benefits Transaction Team (BTT)

BTT processes enrollment effective on the four-year anniversary date.

Benefits Office

Process the Request for Leave of Absence. Mails confirmation statement to the employee home address on record.


Review pay stub to validate that enrollment is complete.

Review personalized Confirmation Statement to confirm enrollment.

Notify Benefits Office if enrollment is not indicated on pay stub.

Procedure B: Procedures to Apply for Basic Long-Term Disability Benefits :


Contact Work~Connections at 734-615-0643 or 1-877-869-5266 (Toll Free).

Work~Connections (W~C)

The W~C team will work with you to obtain the necessary medical documentation. They will coordinate your application for Long-Term Disability with the Benefits Office. When appropriate, W~C will refer to the Benefits Office to begin the LTD application.

Benefits Office

Will mail LTD application forms once appropriate referral is received from W~C.


Return LTD application forms to the Benefits Office. Retain copies of forms.

Benefits Office

Review LTD application forms and medical documentation. Initiate action to obtain additional documentation as needed. If LTD file is complete, forward claim to the LTD external Plan Administrator for review and determination (approval or denial of LTD benefits).

Communicate determination to employee. UHR, HRRIS, Department, and W~C.