New Employee Benefits Information

Enrollment Information

If you are a new hire or are newly eligible for benefits, your specific benefits options will be shown on Employee Self-Service > Benefits on Wolverine Access after your appointment is processed by your department and entered online. The Wolverine Access website is a secure gateway to U-M’s administration systems for personal and university information, and is used by members of the university community to view paychecks, update home addresses and phone numbers, enter emergency contact information, view and update benefits, and other tasks. Visit Browser and Operating System Support on the U-M Information and Technology Services website for information on supported browsers.

You will receive an email notifying you when to attend benefits orientation and when you may make your benefits elections. For all plans except the Flexible Spending Accounts, you will enroll online.  

Generally, you have 30 days from your service date or the date you become newly eligible to make your elections. If you are a member of a collecive bargaining group, your deadline may differ. Refer to the deadlines and defaults chart to verify your enrollment deadline

View the document,Your Benefits 2019 for information on benefits effective on or after January 1, 2019.

View the enrollment information packet for your job group below. The packets include the Flexible Spending Account forms.

U-M Benefits Orientation

Download and view the U-M Benefits Orientation presentation for an overview of benefits plans that are available to eligible faculty and staff. This is the same presentation that is shown during new employee orientation.

How to Enroll

Enroll online before your deadline using Employee Self-Service > Benefits > Benefits Enrollment on Wolverine Access. For detailed enrollment instructions, view Benefits Enrollment and Eligibility.

Make your benefits elections carefully. Once you submit your elections, even within your 30-day enrollment window, your choices will be recorded and processed as your benefits elections. Your elections are final when you receive your online confirmation statement, and you may not make any changes to your elections - even within the 30-day enrollment period - until the next Open Enrollment period if eligible, usually in October with changes effective January 1; or your next period of eligibility under the Affordable Care Act, if applicable. Certain qualified status changes may allow you to make changes to your benefits. 

Enrollment Information by Job Group

Your benefits choices will continue through December 31, 2019 or as long as you remain eligible. Unless you experience a qualified status change, your next opportunity to make benefits changes will be the annual Open Enrollment period, usually in October with your elections effective the following January 1.

Failure to Enroll and Default Elections

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff have 30 days to submit benefit elections (or as specified by your collective bargaining agreement).  Failure to submit elections within the 30-day deadline will result in no health plan or prescription drug coverage.

Graduate Students

Graduate Students are automatically enrolled in GradCare and Dental Plan Option 1 for you only. You have 30 days to waive coverage, add any eligible dependents, or choose a different Dental Plan option for which you are eligible.

Research Fellows

Research Fellows have 30 days to submit benefit elections.  If benefit elections are not received within 30 days, Research Fellows will be enrolled in Comprehensive Major Medical and Dental Plan Option 1 for you only.

Rates and Paying for Coverage

Your individualized benefits plan rates can be viewed in Wolverine Access under Employee Self-Service > Benefits > Display Benefits Plan Rates.  Additional information is available on the individual plan pages.