201.19 Postdoctoral Research Fellows

Applies to: Research Fellows and Senior Research Fellows

Issued by (dept.): Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and University Human Resources

SPG number: 201.19

Schools, colleges, and departments/academic programs seeking information or assistance in administering this policy may contact the Office of Academic Human Resources at 734-763-9838.

Also see the Postdoctoral Scholars section of the Rackham Graduate School's website.

Procedure A:  Appointing a Postdoctoral Research Fellow

  1. Mentor or designee: Seek approval from the department chair, where applicable, and dean or director for the proposed fellowship.  Request should identify funding for salary or stipend and benefit, where applicable; space and equipment needs; and the nature of the training program.
  2. Department chair and dean or director (or designee): Inform mentor of decision in response to request for approval of proposed appointment.
  3. Mentor or Designee: Seek and select the fellow.
  4. Mentor or Designee: If the individual selected is already considered an active university employee in the University Human Resources system, complete PAR (Rehire, New Employment Record or Additional Appointment) to add this appointment. For an individual who has not previously held an active U-M appointment, print and submit the entire hiring packet to HRRIS, which consists of the Appointment Request Form (HR36400), the Supplemental Form (HR36100), the Educational Assistance Personnel Record form (HR36510), which are all available from HRRIS, and an I-9 Form. Note: An appointment form must be processed even if the fellow is supported directly by an external funding agency, which consists of all the parts of the hiring packet except for the I-9.  If the benefits will be charged to a unit other than the unit submitting the appointment, identify a separate account for benefit costs to the appropriate fund area within Financial Operations.
  5. Shared Services Center (SSC): Review appointment for conformance with policy and if appropriate, process.
  6. Shares Service Center - Benefits: Send notification of newly eligible to make benefits selections. Failure to make elections will default into coverage as outlined in the SPG.
  7. Payroll: Make stipend and/or salary payments on the appropriate schedule of payment.

Procedure B: Terminating a Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Note: As stated in SPG 201.19, if circumstances arise that require the hiring unit to terminate a research fellow appointment before the specified appointment end date, before notifying the Fellow the hiring unit should first consult with the appropriate dean or director and the Office of Academic Human Resources.

  1. Mentor or designee: Perpare PAR termination, add all required approvals and submit for approval, if not auto loaded will route to SSC for manual data entry.
  2. Human Resources Records and Information Services: Send list of terminated Research Fellows to Rackham Graduate School.
  3. Rackham Graduate School: Email the employee as well as the unit to verify completion of training.
  4. Mentor/department chair: Respond to email from Rackham Graduate School.
  5. Rackham Graduate School: Issue appropriate recognition to the Fellow signifying completion of fellowship. Email copy of certificate to HRRIS (generally sent periodically in batch form).
  6. Human Resources Records and Information Services: Put copy of certificate in employee's ImageNow personnel folder.