Research Administration Series Redesign

The university is reclassifying all staff currently performing research administration work a majority of their time. 

Why is this happening?

Research is one of the primary missions of the university. In recent years, the number of individuals performing important work to administer research has increased. The market titles assigned to these individuals has not been consistent across schools, colleges and units. The last time this series of job titles was reviewed was 2008.

By creating a new series of titles for research administration, there will be a more consistent way to classify employees based on their responsibilities, qualifications and experience. 

It will also provide employees with a clearer path for career progression across the university. 

How will this change affect staff?

All staff who spend a majority of their time performing this type of work will be moved to a new market title. This will not affect their current rate of pay, vacation or PTO accrual rate, or benefits.

Some staff might move from exempt to non-exempt status under FLSA. If this happens, he or she will be able to retain their previous vacation or PTO accrual. 

Additional questions and answers:

What market titles will be affected by this change?

The following job titles are affected (followed by job code):

  • Grants & Contracts Administrator Associate  (101368)

  • Grants & Contracts Administrator Intermediate (101369) 

  • Grants & Contracts Administrator Senior (101370)

  • Grants & Contracts Accountant Associate (101366)

  • Grants & Contracts Accountant Intermediate (101367)

  • Contract & Grant Specialist (101352)

  • Research Process Coordinator (102480)

  • Research Process Manager (102926)  

  • Research Process Senior Manager (102927)

What new market titles have been created? 

The following market titles have been created:

  • Research Administration Assistant (103882)

  • Research Administration Associate (103883)

  • Research Administrator Intermediate (103884)

  • Research Administrator Senior (103885)

  • Research Administrator Lead (103886)

  • Research Administration Supervisor (103887)

  • Research Administration Manager (103888)

  • Research Administration Senior Manager (103889)

How were these redesigned titles decided? 

A university-wide team collaborated to develop this new set of titles and criteria. Participants included University Human Resources, administrators from schools, colleges and units, human resources representatives, and staff performing this work. The team also helped set the implementation timeline to minimize disruption to operations.

When will this change take place?

Employees will be moved to new titles beginning in January 2020.

How will schools, colleges and units decide what is the appropriate new title for each staff member?

It is up to each school, college and unit to decide which of the new titles best fits each employee. Administrators have been provided a matrix that lists the new titles and their respective duties to help inform their decisions. 

How will employees be informed of any changes to their title?

Schools, colleges and units will work directly with employees affected by this change. 


Contact your school, college or unit human resources department if you have any additional questions.