Return to Work Resources

Return to Work programs help employees safely return to work following illness or injury and benefit the employer by helping to increase productivity, reduce costs and support the recovery of ill or injured staff member.

Return to Work serves the staff member by:

  • Allowing a gradual return to full duty
  • Preserving leave time
  • Maintaining a sense of connection with the department and the workplace
  • Providing an opportunity to learn new skills

Return to Work serves the unit or department by:

  • Maintaining productivity
  • Potentially decreasing the need for temporary staff
  • Potentially reducing overtime and lost productivity costs
  • Building positive and supportive relationships

Working together, Work Connections and University/UMHS Human Resources can help staff members get back to productive work by working with departments to identify transitional assignments that can be done with temporary medical restrictions.

For more information about facilitating a transitional work assignment for a staff member or implementing a formal Return to Work program, contact campus return to work coordinator Claudia More at (734) 936-1141 or contact the Michigan Medicine HR Solutions Center at (734) 647-5538.

Recommended Resources for Returning to Work

  • For help with questions about benefits or payroll, contact the SSC Contact Center at (734) 615-2000.
  • For information and resources to help staff and supervisors with requesting a medical leave of absence or an extension of a previously granted medical leave of absence, consult the Leave of Absence Toolkit
  • For counseling and other resources to help faculty, staff and supervisors with the transition back to work, contact MHealthy Counseling and Consultation Services