Retirement Gifts

In response to requests from faculty and staff throughout the university, University Human Resources is pleased to announce the availability of a Retirement Award Web site. This site contains fully licensed and approved commemorative gifts branded with the University of Michigan Seal and/or Block M.

This is a simple and elegant solution for providing customized and personalized retirement gifts. For information on University policy on payment please refer to University of Michigan SPG 501.4-1 (PDF) for retirement gift policy and tax implications.

This specific vendor has a solid reputation of providing gifts for the University of Michigan Service Award Program. The gifts available on the Web site are heirloom quality -- including jewelry, watches and display cases -- and are offered at three price levels -- $250, $500 and $1,000. Additionally, a personalized and framed commemorative certificate is available for $61. This distinctive keepsake is a perfect way to “frame a career.”

This site is password protected and intended for managers, directors and administrators to use for the purchase of faculty and staff retirement gifts. The site accepts credit cards for purchase and is encrypted for secure transactions.

To access to the Retirement Gifts site, use the following credentials:

Username: uom_retirement
Password: retirement1

Send an email with questions about the Retirement Gifts or call (734) 763-5431.