Work/Life Champion AWARD FOR Supervisors

Work/Life Champion Award for Supervisors!

We are pleased to announce newly-posted profiles for many past winners of the Work/Life Champion Award for Supervisors! These profiles highlight staff comments as well as best practices in use by these Work/Life Champion Award winners.

See our full list of winners, then click again on the names of those who have a posted profile. Learn more about all they do to "champion" work/life balance for their staff and in their departments!


Award Description:

The Work/Life Champion Award for Supervisors recognizes U-M faculty and staff supervisors who promote work/life balance through consistent recognition of, and responsiveness to, their employees' professional and personal lives, incorporating important job demands along with customer and team needs. The award is open to both faculty and staff supervisors who are nominated by staff whose work they supervise.

Award Criteria:

All nominated supervisors:

  • Encourage work/life balance through a number of positive management practices
  • Humanize the work environment by treating everyone with dignity, respect and integrity
  • Promote teamwork while also being sensitive to an individual’s personal needs
  • Have a positive leadership style which empowers others and recognizes contributions of staff
Nomination Process:
  • During award years (closed for 2014), any U-M faculty, staff, or student may nominate a supervisor by using the nomination form. A supervisor must be in his or her position for at least two years for award consideration.
  • A selection committee consisting of representatives from different areas of the university will review all nominations and select the award winner(s).
  • All nominators will be notified of the results by mid-summer. Recipients will receive special recognition during the following weeks. 


Congratulations to our 2013 award winners! Click here to read an article.

Please contact with any questions about the award.