Voices Career Development Fund

Staff interacting and seedling image with caption Helping Staff Grow

The Voices Career Development Fund was created by staff to honor the university bicentennial by helping staff achieve their career development and continuing education goals. The idea for the fund came from Voices of the Staff alumni. Fundraising began in 2015 and first awards will be distributed in December 2017 in recognition of the U-M bicentennial year.

The fund aims to support staff in enhancing their professional experience at the university by offering grants of up to $1000 to fund:

  • Career development—by enabling participation in seminars, workshops or apprenticeships
  • Learning and educational enrichment—by providing financial assistance for continuing education and/or degree or certification or costs of equipment or supplies related to these pursuits (such as textbooks or computer equipment)

For the 2017-18 academic year, eligibility for funding is available to all current and alumni members of Voices of the Staff.

Beginning in 2018, eligibility for funding will be extended to all regular U-M staff members in good standing with one or more years of service.

Complete the form below, or download a PDF of the application form. Applications must be at least 500 words to receive consideration. A detailed statement of need and indicating what you hope to achieve with the financial support of a Career Development Fund grant is more likely to receive full consideration.

Nominations will be reviewed by the Voices of the Staff Program Management team. Two recipients will be selected in Fall 2017.

Questions? Contact Diane Vasquez.

Participants will be required to submit proof of participation in the career development activity for which grant funding is provided within one year of the date that grant funding is received.

The deadline for applications is September 29, 2017.