More About Voices of the Staff

The Voices program was launched in February 2005 to support staff at all university campuses and Michigan Medicine interested in developing and sharing ideas about the campus community topics that matter most from the perspectives.

It Started with an Idea - and 100 Staff Members

For the inaugural year, about 100 staff members from all areas of the university community were selected from staff nominations to become the initial Voices Network Teams.

Voices Keeps On Growing

Today, the Voices Network has seven teams and about 130 staff members. This includes six topic-specific teams, each with an area of focus to improve our workplace. There is also an Alumni Engagement Network Team, which started several years ago. The alumni team focuses on ways to encourage engagement with more than 500 staff members who have served on a Voices team. 

Two members of each Network Team serve on the Voices Core Team, which has direct dialog with the university’s executive officers several times a year. There is also a seventh team comprised of program alumni.

Voices Mission

Voices of the Staff engages employees by providing opportunities for dialog with university executives and a chance to help make U-M a better workplace.

Voices Participant Demographics

Voices participants are selected from a pool of applicants gathered each year in March. Staff are carefully chosen to attempt to mirror the demographics of the university as a whole.