About LEO

Approximately 1,650 full and part-time university lecturers are represented by the Lecturers’ Employee Organization, AFT Local 6244. 

These non-tenure-track instructional-staff play an important role advancing the university’s education mission, teaching a wide range of courses on all three university campuses. Lecturers covered by this contract are eligible for the university’s comprehensive benefits package for faculty and staff, including university-sponsored health care and retirement savings plans, paid time off, professional development funding and other benefits. 

The current LEO contract is a three-year agreement that took effect July 13, 2018 and expires May 20, 2021.

Current Contract Highlights

The current contract provided salary increases for all lecturers, increased the minimum salaries on all three campuses, and provided a number of non-economic issues.

Salary Increases and Equity Adjustments

The minimum salary in the first year increased to $48,000 for the Ann Arbor campus and $38,000 at Dearborn and Flint. In the third year of the agreement, the minimum LEO salary in Ann Arbor was $51,000, and $41,000 at UM-Flint and UM-Dearborn.

The increases in the minimum salaries were the most significant compared to other contracts, representing 76-82% of the total growth since the bargaining unit was established in 2004. 

The agreement also included an equity adjustment in the first year based on years of service and first-year annual increases on all three campuses to ensure that lecturers receive at least a 3.25 or 4 percent increase in the first year.

In Ann Arbor, lecturers received a 2.5 percent increase in the second year and a 3 percent increase in the third year of the contract. In Dearborn and Flint, lecturers received an increase tied to the increase for tenure-track faculty or a minimum of 2 percent in years two and three.

Benefits Bridge for Continuity of Coverage

The current contract includes an expansion of benefits to provide eligibility to the small number of lecturers whose fall and winter appointments average to 50 percent effort but are appointed in winter semester at less than 50 percent effort. This provides more continuity of benefits for lecturers. 

Spring-summer benefits coverage were expanded and offered to lecturers who are in a benefits-eligible position in the winter and the following fall semester. Benefits coverage also was offered to long-serving lecturers who elect to take an unpaid educational or scholarly activity leave for one semester.

Professional Development Funding

The current contract increased the amount of funding for lecturers’ professional development. The contract calls for $29,000 per academic year on the Ann Arbor campus, $14,000 per academic year each on the Dearborn and Flint campuses.  In addition to these funds, the contract provides for separate professional development funds for lecturers seeking to develop and enhance skills to better engage in inclusive teaching practices, pursuant to MOU #10.