201.11-0 Sick Pay Plan

Applies to: Short-term sick time pay
All staff, with the exception of Paid Time Off [PTO] eligible employees.

Extended sick time pay: All staff, including PTO eligible employees, with one or more year of continuous service.
Issued by (dept.): Academic and Staff HR Services
SPG number: 201.11-0

Procedure A: Reporting Absences


Report the absence to supervisor prior to the beginning of the shift. The notice will include the reason for and expected duration of the absence.


If the illness or injury is for 14 consecutive calendar days or more, require completion of a Physician's Statement.

Procedure B: Sick Time Pay Records Maintenance


  • Non-exempt: Report absences on bi-weekly time report.
  • Exempt: Report absence on monthly attendance report.

Department Timekeeper/Payroll Office:

Maintain sick time usage record.

Procedure C: Frequent or Regular Absences


Require the employee to see personal physician (employee's expense) or University-designated physician (University's expense). Physician will provide a statement that includes the employee's health problem, treatment required, and what can be expected.

If not satisfied with the information, discuss with a Human Resources Representative.

Procedure D: When it's necessary to replace an absent employee with a regular employee


Discuss with the appropriate Human Resources office prior to replacing an employee using sick time pay with a regular employee. Under most circumstances, a temporary employee is used to replace a regular employee using sick time pay.

Procedure E: When an exempt employee has exhausted extended sick full pay, and is using extended sick half pay

Supervisor/Department Timekeeper:

  1. If it can be determined that the employee will be continuously absent for an extended period (more than one month), and has exhausted or does not wish to use accrued vacation time, a job data/salary distribution worksheet will be submitted to HR Records and Information Services reducing the employee's scheduled hours by one-half, effective the date half pay sick time begins.
  2. For half pay sick time usage that is not continuous, usage is indicated on the employee's attendance report.
  3. If the employee's scheduled hours have been reduced via a job data/salary distribution worksheet, submit a job data/salary distribution worksheet to HR Records and Information Services indicating the employee's effort when the employee returns to work.

Procedure F: Return to work from a continuous use of extended sick time in excess of 14 calendar days


Notify supervisor seven calendar days in advance of expected date of return. Provide supervisor with physician's statement that includes a diagnosis of health at the time of return and any restrictions.


If there are restrictions, determine whether the restrictions can be accommodated. If not, call the appropriate Human Resources office for assistance in determining a course of action