Workplace Emergencies

The information on the following pages has been prepared to help managers and supervisors develop an action plan to guide you when a workplace emergency such as disruptive or abusive behavior or death or serious injury in the workplace threatens or disrupts or shuts down your operations.

Know how to respond to an emergency before it happens.

Few people can think clearly and logically in a crisis, so it is important to have a plan to help you prepare for that possibility in advance.

Consider the guidelines suggested here for dealing with disruptive behavior in the workplace.

Refer to these procedures for emergencies that require notification of a death or serious injury in the workplace.

Resources for Helping Distressed or Disruptive Individuals

Call 911 when an individual is:

  • Threatening or attempting to do bodily harm to another
  • Making threats of suicide or homicide
  • Threatening, intimidating, interfering with or using abusive language to others

Important Numbers

University of Michigan Police: (734) 763-1131

Michigan Medicine Security: (734) 936-7890

Resources for Behaviors of Concern

U-M offers many resources, including counseling, that can help faculty and staff when they exhibit behavior that is concerning to others. This behavior may include:

  • Acting troubled or confused
  • Easily angered or upset
  • Seeming unusually withdrawn or depressed
  • Displaying sudden changes in mood
  • Exhibiting concerning or unsafe behavior

Available Resources

Faculty and Staff Counseling and Consultation Office (FASCCO): (734) 936-8660

Staff Human Resources: (734) 763-2387

Academic Human Resources: (734) 763-4551

Compliance Hotline (annonymous reporting option): (866) 990-0111

Michigan Medicine Employee Assistance Program (EAP): (734) 763-5409

Michigan Medicine Human Resources Solution Center: (734) 647-5538, Option 4

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