How to Enroll in the Basic Plan

Follow these steps to enroll in the Basic Retirement Savings Plan if you did not enroll as a new employee or when you were newly eligible. Please note: if you are a compulsory participant, you will not use Wolverine Access. Refer to the important note for compulsory participants below.

  1. Go to Wolverine Access
  2. Enter 'Benefits' in the search bar
  3. Select the Benefits Self-Service tile
  4. Enter your uniqname and UMICH (Level-1) password; Two-factor (Duo) for Weblogin is required.
  5. Click the Initiate Ret Savings Elections tile
  6. Click the radio button for Select this option to Enroll/Change/Cancel Your Basic Retirement Savings Plan or your Supplemental Retirement Account (SRA) then click Next
  7. Review the effective date and then click Continue to proceed
  8. Click Select at the bottom of the page
  9. Click Edit for the “Voluntary Retirement” option
  10. Click Basic Retirement Savings Plan then click Store
  11. Review your elections and then click OK
  12. Click Edit for the “Retirement Vendor” option
  13. Enter your vendor allocation and then click Store
  14. Review your elections and then click OK 
  15. Click Submit to save your elections.
  16. Read the information on the page, and then click Submit at the bottom of the page

You can select your investment funds and designate your beneficiaries by visiting the TIAA and or Fidelity Investments websites for the U-M plans.


You need to designate your investment fund choices and beneficiaries separately for each type of plan in which you enroll. Fund choices and beneficiary designations you have already made for one plan, such as the Basic Retirement Savings Plan, do not automatically carry over to the 457(b) or the 403(b) SRA (and vice versa).  You need to designate your beneficiary separately each time you enroll in a new type of plan.

Important: If You are a Compulsory Participant

If you are a compulsory participant in the Basic Retirement Plan (you are age 35 or older, with two or more years of eligible service, and you have a 100% appointment effort), and you would like to cancel the Reduced Benefit Option and contribute 5% and receive the 10% U-M match, you will use a paper form and not Wolverine Access. Download and complete the Cancel the Reduced Benefit Option form and return it as instructed on the form to enact the change in contribution rates.