Filing Claims

Filing Claims

Your department representative or a family member should call the SSC Contact Center to file a claim by calling (734) 615-2000 or (866) 647-7657 (toll free).

When traveling on university-related business, every member of the university community should leave an itinerary with his/her department and at least one other person prior to departure. This alleviates confusion and ensures his/her coverage. When planning international travel for university-related business, registration prior to travel is required.


Beneficiaries for the Business Travel Accident Insurance Plan will be the same as the beneficiaries you indicate under the university’s Life Insurance Plan. If you do not participate in the U-M Life Insurance, the beneficiary will be as you indicated for the U-M Retirement Savings Plans. If are not a participant in either of these plans or have not designated beneficiaries, the claim will be paid to the first of the following: your spouse, OQA, children, parent, brothers and sisters, or your estate.

To designate a beneficiary for the Business Travel Accident Insurance Plan other than those listed above, contact MetLife.