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For benefits effective January 1 - December 31, 2022. Refer to Health Plans, Vision Plan, Legal Services Plan, Flexible Spending Accounts and Dental Plan for more information on these plans.

MetLife Life Insurance Guides

Optional Life Insurance Overview - Why is life insurance so important? Learn more about the Optional Life Insurance plan.

Optional Life Insurance FAQs - Answers to frequently asked questions about the Optional Life Insurance plan. 

How to Create a Will

MetLife Advantages - With your MetLife group life insurance coverage, you get access to meaningful services to help you make the right decisions to manage what life may bring.

MetLife Advantages Digital Estate Planning FAQs - Answers to frequently asked questions about the digital estate planning solution available to MetLife Advantages members.

MetLife Digital Estate Planning Guide - Create a will and other important estate planning documents in as little as 15 minutes with your enrollment in a MetLife life insurance plan.

Life Insurance in Action - Learn how enrolling in the Optional Life Insurance plan can help provide a secure future for your family.

People like me - Sample interview on the importance of life insurance to protect your family's future.