Learn to Lead with Confidence

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Leadership 101 Curriculum

The Leadership 101 Curriculum is designed for individuals new to U-M, recently promoted to supervisory roles or seeking to expand their knowledge of leadership. Select the course that aligns best with your goals! They can be completed in any order.

Introductory Leadership

Introduction to Leadership at U-M

Learn the essentials of leadership at U-M and identify the competencies and skills necessary to successfully lead others.

Transitioning from Peer to Supervisor

Join Peer to Supervisor and learn how to identify opportunities and challenges in your transition to supervisor.

People Management

Introduction to Payroll

Learn more about the policies and procedures of processing payroll that will help ensure accurate and timely pay for your employees.

Business Administration

Introduction to Procurement

Learn how to identify which items you can purchase with and without Procurement Services Involvement and the appropriate buying method for your purchase.

Introduction to Financial Resources

In this course, you will learn how to identify a supervisor’s responsibilities for effective stewardship of university funds and determine appropriate revenue sources for unit expenditures.

Understanding the Administrative Services Offered by the Shared Services Center

All courses are held over Zoom and last 90 min. - 2 hrs.

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