StaffWorks Presenter Information

2016 U-M StaffWorks Presenter Prep Guide

Download this Word document for preparation information for both poster and speaker presentations.  

Speaker Presentation Information

Please create a slide deck and email it as a Google Slides, PDF, or PowerPoint attachment no larger than 80 MB (and no larger than 25 MB for UMICH Google Mail users) — to [email protected] ​ on or before the deadline of Wednesday, April 27th. That email address will auto-upload the attachment (but not the subject or body of the email) to M+Box.

You can provide your own presentation or may download a PowerPoint Template for creating your slide deck. 

Tips for slide preparation:

  • Keep things simple.

  • Use graphics; limit the amount of text.

  • Create your slides with a ¾-inch border so nothing is cut off on the screen.

  • Note that the aspect ratio for slides is  4:3 unless otherwise noted. (EDIT: this was incorrectly listed as 16:9) 

  • Use highly contrasting colors on your slides so that people can read them in all lighting conditions.

  • Use larger fonts whenever possible (nothing below 14 point font is recommended)

  • Be careful to omit any potentially offensive images or language.

If you're presenting with others, such as on a panel, please have a single combined slide deck and coordinate who is speaking when. Do not just read your slides during the presentation. Slides should generally be terse and may use fragments not sentences, if they even use text at all; your talk will provide the information omitted from the slides.

Once again, thank you for contributing to the success of U-M StaffWorks 2016. Stay tuned for more information about event registration and a special presenter preview opportunity! If you have questions, please contact the planning team at [email protected]