201.93 Modified Duties for New Parents

Applies to: Professors, Associate Professors, and Assistant Professors
Issued by (dept.): Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
SPG Number: 201.93


For faculty members to request a period of modified duties and for deans (or their designates) to respond to such requests.

Eligible Faculty Member:

Contacts the relevant dean’s office for a copy of the school or college’s specific guidelines and procedures with regard to SPG 201.93: Modified Duties for New Parents, if applicable.

With as much advance notice as possible, submits a written request for a period of modified duties to the relevant dean (or his or her designate), with a copy to the Office of Academic Human Resources.

(Applies only to pregnant faculty members)

Notifies department chair or dean’s office of the time period within which her paid sick leave to accommodate pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions is likely to fall. See SPG 201.11-1.

Note: If a period of sick paid leave due to pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions takes place during a period of time in which the faculty member is not scheduled to teach (for example, in the summer), this circumstance does not affect the period of modified duties for which the faculty member is eligible under this policy (i.e., it does not lengthen the period of modified duties).

(Applies only to faculty members who do not give birth) Certifies eligibility for modified duties by affirming that he or she is a single parent or will take significant and sustained care-giving responsibility for the child (or children) during the period for which modified duties are requested that is at least as time-consuming as the care-giving responsibility of the faculty member’s spouse or partner.

Dean (or his or her designate):

Consults with the faculty member about the ways in which his or her duties will be modified and then communicates the terms of the modified duties in writing to the faculty member.

Makes necessary arrangements (e.g., for replacement teaching during the period of modified duties or replacement clinical services).

Note: For faculty who give birth, these arrangements need to cover both the period of paid sick leave available under SPG 201.11-1, if required by the timing of the faculty member’s paid sick leave, plus the period of modified duties.