201.30-5 Federal Personnel Agreements

Applies to: All faculty and staff
Issued by (dept.): Academic and Staff HR Services
SPG number: 201.30-5

Dean, Director or Department Head:       

Discuss potential assignment with involved staff members and representatives of appropriate Federal agency. Negotiate specifics of the agreement discussing any proposed variations from University policy with appropriate University administrative offices (e.g., Human Resources, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs Office, Payroll/Timekeeping, Benefits Office, etc.). Route all contract-related paperwork (i.e., Federal Optional Form 60 — see attachment A — or the agency equivalent, Form 7679, Approval of Application for Grant or Contract, and related correspondence and agreements) to DRDA for processing. The staff of DRDA is available to assist in the negotiating process.

DRDA Project Representative:      

Review proposed agreement and contract documentation for consistency and completeness and assure that all related costs (e.g., salary, fringe benefits, travel, etc.) have been included. Forward finalized agreements to the Office of Contract Administration.

Office of Contract Administration:

Perform final review and route to appropriate University official and sponsor representatives for signature. After contract has been executed, forward necessary documentation to Federal Sponsored Programs, Financial Operations.

Federal Sponsored Programs, Financial Operations:           

Establish appropriate account(s) and implement reimbursement arrangements with the involved sponsor.

Dean, Director or Department Head:       

Initiate Project Budget Request Form 7471, and route to DRDA Project Representative. Prepare job data/salary distribution worksheet indicating the duration and short code for intergovernmental assignment and route it with a copy of the involved contract and supplemental information to HR Records and Information Services.

HR Records and Information Services:       

Add relevant information to the individual's appointment.