201.30-4 Scholarly Activity Leave

Applies to: Regular and Clinical Instructional Faculty, Research Professors, Research Scientists, Librarians, Curators and Archivists
Issued by (dept.): Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and University Human Resources
SPG number: 201.30-4

Procedure A: Requesting a scholarly activity leave

Faculty Member:

Submit written request for scholarly activity leave to appropriate dean with relevant documentation within the time frame requested by the school or college.

Department Chair or Academic Program Director (or his/her designee) if applicable, and Dean (or his/her designee):

Review request to determine the appropriateness of the leave.

(Dearborn and Flint campuses only) Dean (or his/her designee):

Forward request to the Chancellor for review.

Department Chair, Academic Program Director, where applicable, or Dean (or his/her designee):

If approved, complete and forward Request for Leave of Absence Form to Human Resources Records and Information Services (HRRIS) by no later than the payroll cut off date before the first month of the leave.

HR Records and Information Services:

Process scholarly activity leave appointment request.

Faculty Member:

Prior to the leave, contact the Shared Services Center to arrange continuation of faculty member's contributions to benefits, if applicable.