201.30-3 Seasonal Leave of Absence Appointment

Applies to: All regular employees not represented by a bargaining unit
Issued by (dept.): Academic and Staff HR Services
SPG number: 201.30-3

Procedure A: Seasonal leave of absence appointment-current employee


Submit a written request for a seasonal leave of absence appointment to supervisor.

Supervisor or Unit HR area:

Review request to determine if the operating requirements of the department can accommodate the request.

If approved, Complete the PAR Transaction Leave of absence/unpaid leave section (SSC Data Management will be added as the final approval if needed).

Procedure B: Seasonal leave of absence appointment-open position

Supervisor or unit HR area:

If a vacant position to be filled can accommodate a seasonal leave, create the job opening and include specific information regarding the seasonal leave period.

SSC Employment:

Post open position indicating seasonal leave period.

HR Records and Information Services or Michigan Medicine Human Resources Office:

Process the seasonal leave of absence.

Procedure C: Return from leave

Supervisor or unit HR area:

Notify employee of the effective date of return to active employment. Process PAR Transaction leave of absence/return from unpaid leave section.


Report to work on the first day of active employment.