201.30-3 Seasonal Leave of Absence Appointment

Applies to: All regular employees not represented by a bargaining unit
Issued by (dept.): Academic and Staff HR Services
SPG number: 201.30-3

Procedure A: Seasonal leave of absence appointment-current employee


Submit a written request for a seasonal leave of absence appointment to supervisor.

Supervisor or Unit HR area:

Review request to determine if the operating requirements of the department can accommodate the request.

If approved, Complete the PAR Transaction Leave of Absence/Unpaid Leave section, if this is the first seasonal leave for the employee attach a copy of the request from the employee (SSC Data Management will be added as the final approval).

Procedure B: Seasonal leave of absence appointment-open position

Supervisor or unit HR area:

If a vacant position to be filled can accommodate a seasonal leave, create the job opening and include specific information regarding the seasonal leave period.

SSC Employment:

Post open position indicating seasonal leave period.

HR Records and Information Services or Michigan Medicine Human Resources Office:

Process the seasonal leave of absence.

Procedure C: Return from leave

Supervisor or unit HR area:

No action is required. SSC Data Management will add the return from leave row on at the same time the Seasonal leave is added to the data base. The only time you would need to complete the PAR is when the employee is coming back earlier than originally agreed upon, then you would do this on the Correction/Deletion PAR Transaction. 


Report to work on the first day of active employment.