201.26-0 Holidays

Applies to: All regular employees not covered by a collective bargaining agreement
Issued by (dept.): Academic and Staff HR Services
SPG number: 201.26-0

Requesting Substitution of a Holiday


When requesting substitution of a holiday, notify supervisor in writing on or before July 1st of each fiscal year or no later than 30 calendar days after date of hire in the first fiscal year of employment.


Send a copy of the request for substitution of holiday to the appropriate time-keeping unit.

Record or approve employee's substitute holiday as "HSB" on the employee's attendance report.

If, because of the holiday, the employee is not scheduled to work on the University-designated holiday for which the substitution was made, record vacation to provide income for that University-designated holiday or record as excused absence without pay at the employee's option.

Holidays During Non-Traditional Workweeks or Compressed Workweeks:

It is recommended that the workweek revert to the traditional five-day schedule during weeks that include holidays so the appropriate amount of holiday pay is calculated. It is also recommended that units inform employees in advance when a change to their schedule will occur.