FMLA Guidelines: Tracking FMLA Usage

Calculating FMLA Leave Usage During Holidays  

When an employee is using FMLA intermittently, the Holidays and/or Season Days will not count against the employee's FMLA entitlement unless the employee was otherwise scheduled and expected to work on those days.  If, however, the employee is using FMLA continuously and there are Holidays and/or Season Days that occur within the week FMLA is taken, the Holidays and/or Season Days count as FMLA leave.

FMLA Tracking Form and FML Time Reporting Code

The FMLA Tracking Form and FML time reporting code are available to assist departments in tracking FMLA usage.

The time reporting code to track FMLA usage is FML. The code is used in addition to the appropriate time off reporting codes (e.g., SCK, VAC, PTS, etc.).  The FML time reporting code is entered as part of the normal M-Pathways time reporting process.

Timekeeper Example

  1. Enter the appropriate time reporting codes and hours for the time off

  2. For hours associated with an FMLA event, add a new row, and enter the hours and the FML code.

  3. Comments can be entered in the Comments field, if desired

  4. Prior period adjustments can be entered for past hours associated with an FMLA absence

Self-Service Time Entry Approver Example

After an employee has reported time online, or the time has been entered for the employee, the Timesheet page is used by the approver to add FMLA usage.  This is accomplished by following steps two through four in the timekeeper example provided above.  The time will display on the Approve Reported Time page.

M-Pathways Queries

There are three M-Pathways queries available to display FMLA usage:




To run a query to report on FMLA usage, enter the FML code along with the begin and end dates for the applicable time period.  The query will display specific employee data, hours and comments associated with the FML code.

The Shared Services Center is available to assist departments in the use of the FML time reporting code, and payroll queries.  The Service Center can be reached at (734) 615-2000 or by email at [email protected].