Position Descriptions

Position Descriptions

Position descriptions describe the main job responsibilities for most positions at the university and the University of Michigan Health System. While extensive, this is not a comprehensive list. Additional descriptions will be added as they are revised. Bargained-for U-M Position Descriptions are available for download from this Dropbox. Please note that you must log in to Dropbox with your U-M Credentials.

Learn more about accessing Dropbox from this ITS page.

Professional, Managerial, and Executive Descriptions

All professional, managerial and executive descriptions can be found within the Career Path Navigator.  The Career Path Navigator is designed to help employees within the career family classification system understand their potential career paths and to assist managers in helping their employees understand or navigate their career path.  For managers, it is also useful for identifying the differences among classifications and identifying new positions proper classification.

Job Codes for Instructional and Primary Positions

This is an Excel file containing job codes for Instructional and Primary positions only, no descriptions.