How to Cancel Your Enrollment in the Basic Plan

If you are a compulsory participant in the Basic Retirement Savings Plan (you are age 35 or older, with two or more years of eligible service, and you have a 100% appointment effort) complete the Cancel the Reduced Benefit Option and Enroll in the 2-for-1 Matching Rate eForm. If you prefer a paper version, download and complete this form and return it as instructed on the form to enact the change in contribution rates. Call the SSC Contact Center at 734-615-2000 to request forms and information on how to select the Reduced Benefit Option.

If you are not a compulsory participant, cancelling your enrollment in the Basic Retirement Savings Plan requires two steps in Wolverine Access self-service. First you need to waive enrollment in the Basic Plan and then waive enrollment under the investment vendor allocation. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Wolverine Access
  2. Enter 'Benefits' in the search bar
  3. Select the Benefits Self-Service tile
  4. Enter your uniqname and UMICH password; Two-factor (Duo) for Weblogin is required.
  5. Select the Initiate Ret Savings Elections tile
  6. Click the Enter my Basic/SRA Elections button
  7. Select the Voluntary Retirement tile
  8. Click the Select button next to 'Waive'
  9. Click Done in the upper right hand corner
  10. Select the Retirement Vendor tile
  11. Click the Select button next to 'Waive'
  12. Click Done in the upper right hand corner
  13. Click the Finalize Elections button
  14. Click the Submit and View Stmt button