Dependent Life Insurance

The Dependent Plan is available for life insurance coverage of your spouse or other qualified adult and any eligible children. You must be enrolled in the University Plan in order to enroll in the Dependent Plan. You, the university employee, are automatically the beneficiary for the Dependent Plan.

Dependent Plan Coverage Options

For coverage of your spouse or other qualified adult:

  • $10,000
  • $25,000
  • $50,000
  • $100,000

For your dependent children (covers all children in the household age 15 days through the end of the month they turn age 26):

  • $2,000 per child
  • $5,000 per child


Enrollment is not automatic for the Dependent Plan. You must be enrolled in the University Plan for your dependents to be eligible for coverage under the Dependent Plan.

Enroll by completing the application form and returning it to SSC Benefits Transactions.

Your Spouse or Other Qualified Adult

Your spouse or other qualified adult can enroll in the Dependent Plan at any time. He or she will need to provide a satisfactory health statement. MetLife will send an email with instructions on how to complete the health statement. Coverage will go into effect when (1) the Dependent Plan application is received in the Benefits Office and (2) the health statement has been received and approved by MetLife.

Your Dependent Children

No health statement is required to enroll children in the Dependent Plan. Children may be enrolled in the Dependent Plan at any time. No person may be insured as a dependent of more than one employee.

Dependent Plan coverage for newborns will go into effect at age 15 days or when the Dependent Plan application is received, whichever is later.

Dependent Plan Rates

If you are paid monthly, your premiums will be deducted from your monthly paycheck; if you are paid bi-weekly, your premiums will be deducted from your first and second paycheck of the month.  Premiums are deducted on an after-tax basis.

The rates will remain the same for 2017.

Covered Dependent Coverage Amount 2016 Cost Per Month
Spouse/OQA $10,000 $1.56
Spouse/OQA $25,000 $3.90
Spouse/OQA $50,000 $7.80
Spouse/OQA $100,000 $15.60
Children $2,000 per child $0.10
Children $5,000 per child $0.26

The cost of coverage for children covers all eligible children in the household.


You do not need to designate a beneficiary for the Dependent Plan. You are automatically the beneficiary as the university employee. If both you and your dependent(s) die, life insurance will be payable to your survivors/estate in the following order: spouse/OQA, children, parents, siblings, estate.

Continuation of Coverage

If your dependent has been enrolled in the Dependent Life Insurance plan, you have the option to convert life insurance for your dependent when coverage ends.

Terminating Coverage

You can terminate dependent coverage at any time. To do so, complete a withdrawal form.

Dependent Spouse/Other Qualified Adult Plan coverage terminates when the faculty or staff member retires, terminates employment with the university for any reason, or dies.

Dependent Spouse Plan coverage will terminate the date the faculty or staff member’s divorce is final.

Coverage for your eligible dependent child or children ends at the end of the month in which the child turns age 26.

You must complete a withdrawal form when you no longer have a child eligible for benefits. 

For Forms and More Information

Refer to the University Group Term Life Insurance Plans book complete information. Download, complete and submit the Dependent Life Insurance form to apply for coverage.