Business Travel Accident Insurance FAQs

Am I covered if I attend a professional meeting at my expense?
Yes, it is not necessary that the University of Michigan reimburse you for the business travel expense to be covered under the insurance.
The federal government (or a professional association) reimburses me for travel expenses when I render a service. Am I covered?
Yes, even if you collect a fee; however, the work must be directly related to your primary employment at the University of Michigan, and the honorarium must be for travel, not a consultant's fee.
I am on leave of absence from the University to conduct research and I receive a salary from a source other than the U-M. Am I covered while traveling to gather information for my research?
I am on sabbatical leave; am I covered?
Yes, you are covered when traveling for approved study and research for which the sabbatical leave was granted.
Am I covered (before and after) while I am traveling on a combination business and vacation trip with my family?
Yes, coverage is applicable during the actual business travel time and for up to 14 days personal travel when 100 or more miles away from the permanent residence.
I realize a staff member is not normally covered while traveling to and from work on campus, but wouldn't I be covered if I worked off campus, perhaps in a nearby city?
No. Travel between the place of residence and normal place of business is not covered.
Is it necessary to notify the Benefits Office prior to each business trip?
No, however a good procedure would be to notify your supervisor and provide a written itinerary prior to a trip so that if a claim should arise, a written statement can be obtained from your department. For international travel, you must register your trip with the university before you leave.
Am I covered while doing private consulting or while engaged in private medical or dental practice?
Am I covered while flying a private plane on a university business trip?
No. Pilots and crew members are not covered. Passengers on university business are covered.
I must use a chartered plane or helicopter to travel to a remote location. Am I covered?