Compare Your U-M Health Plan Options With Benefits Mentor

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Mark Your Calendar

Now is the time to get ready! Open Enrollment for 2024 benefits starts Monday, October 16, and continues through 5 p.m. Friday, October 27, EST.  

View the Open Enrollment page for the latest information.

Review your current benefits and determine if you need to make changes for 2024. Benefits Mentor can help you compare your health plan options. 

What is Benefits Mentor? 

Benefits Mentor is a decision support tool that allows you to compare U-M's Health Plans to determine which plan best suits your needs. The interactive tool analyzes information you list as important – such as cost, physician network and specific benefits – and factors in either your historical claims data or benchmark claims data to suggest a health plan for you. It offers flexibility and different experiences based on the choices you make while using the tool. 2024 rates and plans are now available in Benefits Mentor. 

Please note, Benefits Mentor is a decision support tool only. Using it does not enroll you in a health plan or change your existing health plan.

To use Benefits Mentor, go to Wolverine Access and enter “Benefits Mentor” in the search field.

Learn more about Benefits Mentor

Other Health Plan Resources 

The following tools and resources are provided to help you find the health plan that offers the most advantages to you and your family, and then to use it wisely:

View Your 2024 Rates

Each benefit plan has its own rate structure. Your individual monthly plan rates are available on Wolverine Access:

  1. Go to Wolverine Access
  2. Select the Employee Self-Service tile
  3. Select the Benefits tile
  4. Click the Display Benefit Plan Rates tile. Current rates will be displayed at the top; scroll down to view your 2024 rates.

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