Programs & Services

MHealthy offers a variety of programs and services to help meet your health and wellness needs. Read the list below to find the programs and services that best meet your needs.

Physical Activity
Information on exercise classes, personal training, fitness centers, physical activity incentive programs (Active U) and more.

Information on cooking classes, the Good Choice program, and more.

Weight Management
Information on weight management programs.

Mental & Emotional Health
A number of services and tools to help staff, faculty, and their immediate family members with personal difficulties encountered at both work and home.

Back Care
Learn what to do if you have low back pain. You can access information, exercise videos and resources covering how to take care of the back, relieve pain, build strength and flexibility and protect against future pain.

Learn how following easy ergonomic principles can help you prevent aches, pains and repetitive injuries. Open to U-M faculty & staff only

Tobacco Treatment
Learn ways to kick the habit with information from the Tobacco Consultation Service (TCS) and links to other tobacco treatment resources.

Alcohol Management
Alcohol Management is a brief, confidential educational program that helps you eliminate drinking problems by reducing your drinking or stopping altogether. Find out about this program and other resources available to help you with problems that may be alcohol-related.

MHealthy Rewards offers qualifying benefits-eligible faculty and staff the opportunity to move more, eat right, manage stress, be tobacco-free... and feel good. And, for even more motivation, you can earn $100* in your paycheck. Open to U-M faculty & staff only

Occupational Health Clinics
Information on medical treatment and rehabilitation services for work-related injuries and illnesses as well as information on flu shots and other occupational health clinical services.

Project Healthy Schools
Project Healthy Schools (PHS) provides a school-based program to reduce childhood obesity and its long-term health risks. Focusing primarily on sixth grade students, PHS aims to stem the tide of this epidemic.

MHealthy Partners
A list of programs and departments that work closely with MHealthy to make the U-M a model community of health where people thrive.

Health & Well-Being Resource Guides