Tobacco Treatment

Tobacco Consultation Service

PaulI started smoking 55 years ago when I joined the Navy. I smoked three packs a day when I fi nally decided it was time to give it up... I could have never done it without the help and support that I received from Tobacco Consultation Service... My grandkids are so happy to see Grandpa not smoking any longer. I now am saving $15 a day, $105 a week, and $450 a month! - Paul

DaveI started smoking at a late age. In 2003, my wife emailed an announcement about a quit smoking class and [said] I should call and find out if I qualified for it. Thankfully I did! The sessions were great... It has been almost three years since I quit. I highly recommend the program because it has made a big difference in my life and I know it can in yours! - Dave

ChristineI smoked cigarettes for 40 years. I was very resistant to the antitobacco movement when it started and felt "picked on"... It started to dawn on me what a huge hassle it was to smoke. I called the U-M smoking cessation program and signed up for a class. I knew I needed a lot of help to quit... It has been seven years now and at times it still seems like a miracle that I can go through a whole day and not smoke. - Christine

I signed up for the UMHS smoking cessation classes. I made up my mind that I no longer wanted to smoke regardless of who else smoked around me. Thank you for helping me break this habit. - Anonymous

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PatriceI was motivated to participate in MHealthy Rewards because I love the MHealthy challenges and doing things to improve my well-being. I enjoyed choosing the path to get the reward as well as the reward itself! The health questionnaire motivated me to dig out my last official medical report... As a consequence I saw that those numbers had... It was very gratifying to know that the actions I had been taking were making a difference.- Patrice

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Physical Activity

Exercise Classes

KateI've taken several different courses with different instructors and have benefited from each class... Without a doubt, my body is stronger and healthier. It is also more flexible... I know that I have more energy and endurance. I also noticed a big difference in my mindset (and muscles) when I miss classes. - Kate

CindyI went to the doctor yesterday and my triglycerides are down 82 points and my cholesterol is down 80 points. My blood pressure is also way down (too low) with new meds. They are taking me off one of the meds all together (YEAH)... It's possible to be med free if I get more weight off. The doctor was thrilled with my exercise and health progress. He said whatever I was doing is working and to keep it up. :-)

I've been working really hard at this and have lost weight and inches. I actually miss it when I don't go walking or do some type of exercise each day. GO FIGURE! I will be joining one of the [MHealthy] exercise classes this May. I'm still trying to decide which one. Just want to say thank you for your support with my exercise program. It's paying off big time and I couldn't be happier. MHealthy is doing a great job and I hope it helps others as well. - Cindy

MHealthy Fitness Center

Bill and HarietWe decided it was time to start an "anti-aging" program for lifelong fitness. Our goals were to develop strength for injury prevention and to reduce our health risks by improving our fitness. We chose the MHealthy Fitness Center at the Ice Cube because it was not crowded and we liked the non-competitive atmosphere... The MHealthy staff has helped us achieve our goals by developing stimulating programs where we can see results. The staff is always ready to answer our questions. - Bill & Hariett

CharlesI checked out many places and liked the MHealthy Fitness Center best due to its cleanliness, knowledgeable staff and nice clientele. I originally came to MHealthy because of high blood pressure and a need to lose weight. Now I sleep better, my blood pressure is lower; I'm losing weight and feel great from the regular physical activity. - Charles

Personal Training

Herb I wanted to drop you a line about my 3 hours of Personalized Exercise Sessions with Clemente earlier in the month. We started with a one hour assessment and conversation about fitness and goals. This was followed by one one-hour and two half-hour sessions of stretching and strength building workouts. I am 70 and Clemente had no difficulty relating to me and the fact that, even though I am reasonably fit and still work full-time, I needed pretty basic introduction to all the exercises and equipment. He was an excellent teacher and shared a lot of information about muscles and muscle groups and what was getting stretched or strengthened. Good humored, supportive, encouraging, personable, knowledgeable and patient--I really could not ask for much more.

Lois Since I have been working with Jessica my overall sense of well-being has improved. My sleep is more restful and I have noticed an increase in my energy level and strength. Read Lois' story. – Lois

Mary When I came to MHealthy, I could walk 1-4 steps with my cane. Now that I've built up my balance, endurance, and speed, I'm able to walk 3/4 miles with a cane at a reasonable speed. – Mary

KarenThe personal trainer did a very thorough evaluation/assessment...[his] knowledge far surpasses the average personal trainer. The service was wonderful. - Karen

I have a great trainer who continually motivates me. I enjoy learning new exercises so I do not get bored with the routine. I have seen results and plan to continue. - Anonymous

The trainer was very nice, prompt, organized, knowledgeable. Having the appointment got me to the gym when I might not have otherwise gone and she pushed me a bit more than I would have pushed myself. - Anonymous


John I was struggling to control my diabetes. A few months after starting my exercise program, my diabetes test results were nearly normal! - John

Desiree My endurance is a lot better. I notice my clothes fit better. I feel better. I have more spring in my step! – Desiree

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With Fit-script, there's always someone there checking on me when I exercise, and to help me adjust my exercises. - Laura

This has been the best exercise regimen I've ever had. It has made a huge difference in my quality of life. The trainers are generally attentive, careful and a pleasure to work with. I came in to [Fit-Script] a couple of years ago, barely able to walk and now I'm doing MUCH better. - Anonymous

Fitness Consultations

I still do your basic exercises and have now lost 50 pounds. Just wanted you to know what you started. - Debra

Active U

CarolI lost a lot of weight a few years ago and was able to get off blood pressure medications. Active U was instrumental. It keeps me on track. When life gets busy, you can forget about physical activity but Active U reminds you to get moving. - Carol

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Cooking Classes

SylviaI have been taking [MHealthy Cooking] classes for about 5 years.The classes are reasonably priced and easily accessible. I am taking these classes in order to learn more about healthy eating, meeting and learning from chefs... The [MHealthy] staff is so well-rounded in their knowledge that they can handle any type of question. Through these classes I have learned valuable knife skills, how to buy and prepare fish, meat and vegetables without losing flavor or vitamins on a healthier scale, integrate foods I have never heard of or dreamed of using before. I have more strength and energy since I started changing my menu plan and more variety in foods I eat. These classes are a win-win situation. - Sylvia

Now, I am more conscious of preparing healthy foods and recipes. I use a larger variety of vegetables because I have learned ways to prepare them. I am learning how to use herbs and spices when preparing foods rather than just salt and pepper.
- Anonymous

I took the first [MHealthy] healthy cooking class because I felt like I was making the same meals over and over again and I was hoping to expand my repertoire of recipes... Plus I am learning, not only how to prepare healthier recipes, but also how to apply "healthy cooking/preparation" principles to my standard recipes. - Anonymous

Chef Demos

MelinaThe humor and joy that you displayed together last week inspired me to approach cooking for my family with a more positive attitude. I've already tried several of the items you prepared last week with success: roasted veggies, stuffed peppers, and the cherry dessert. Both of my kids loved my roasted cauliflower with curry! They haven't been willing to eat peppers in the past, and they both ate the stuffed red peppers I made for dinner last night. The dessert was also a big hit when I made it last week. Your one-hour session made a difference in my life. - Melina

LindaThank you so much for this terrific demonstration and sampler plate, The food was WONDERFUL! I learned a lot and now I've got the menu for some upcoming family gatherings! The chefs' presentations were fun and so chock-full of information! I never would have thought of cutting peppers that way, but how easy! So many little tid-bits of helpful hints! And thank you, again. The cherry crisp was to die for! - Linda

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Weight Management

Healthy Habits for Weight Management

SandraI learned so much from [MHealthy]. I changed my way of thinking. I was an all-or-nothing kind of person. I tried every diet out there and spent lots of money on pills and potions. I learned to give that up and get real... [The Healthy Habits for] Weight Management program made every part of my life better. I've never felt this good heath-wise, spiritually and emotionally. Losing weight was wonderful, but more important, I'm off medications and my pain is gone. I have more energy and my mood is better... I've made a lasting change in my life, thanks to [MHealthy]. - Sandra

NanciI was ready to reclaim wellness. I was struggling on my own to lose weight and get fit. I wanted to learn more about how to permanently lose weight and keep it off for life. [MHealthy] has an emphasis on achieving good health and in educating one about the benefits of good nutrition and exercise on one's health. - Nanci

CandyI do tell myself and others who ask what type of diet I am on that I'm not dieting, I'm learning healthy habits for life. Thank you all for your knowledge, encouragement, and support.
- Candy

I enjoyed the program. I learned a lot! The program was very motivating. I am so proud of myself. It wasn't difficult. We watched what we ate, so we did not feel we were dieting. It was great. I would recommend the program and actually have. - Anonymous

I was very happy with the [MHealthy] class I had last year and while I have remained stable with my weight loss what really hit me last night was that I have not had any unhealthy eating habits in the past year. In the past I ate with my emotions, often eating way more than I should have to a point of being uncomfortable. It hit me last night that while my first reaction might be to want to grab food in stressful situations, I have not done this in a year! Never thought I could change a behavior like this but I think my relationship with food has really changed... Thanks for all your help, it was a great team and shows that utilizing the nutrition piece, physical fitness and mental health piece all work. - Anonymous

I learned to pay more attention to the emotional, psychological side of my eating habits. I learned to never give up and keep starting over. I learned techniques to manage my desire for food volume in a healthy way. - Anonymous

Weight Management Program

Mary[Employee Weight Management] has taught me that small changes which seem insignificant at the time can lead to a more healthy life and weight loss. - Mary

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Alcohol Management

The program focused on my health where alcohol is concerned. I knew I needed to quit drinking my way. it was just right for me. - Anonymous

I learned techniques to employe to control my drinking. I learned about myself and what I reallly wanted to do with myself... I also learned that without alcohol as a primary means of recreation that I could become a much healthier and happier person. - Anonymous

The program helped me figure out my alcohol triggers/activators and the situations [in which] I was most likely to over-drink. Now I know just what to do. No more embarrassing drinking experiences. - Anonymous

I am an employee and I was so worried about being 'found out' if I went to this program. My privacy was totally protected and I really appreciated this. - Anonymous

I felt very encouraged throughout this program (the AMP). It has been such a relief to get my alcohol use back to where it belongs. The AMP strategies work! - Anonymous

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Ergonomics Awareness

ScottI suffer from carpal tunnel and a herniated disc, so it didn't take much for me to listen when employees came to me with health concerns in the workplace. I listened to their suggestions and decided to offer ergonomic training for my employees. At first, some employees were skeptical, but most were thankful for the training. - Scott

Three of our four Tellers shared that they were suffering from shoulder, neck and arm pain. I requested an ergonomic assessment to find out what could be done to improve the workspace. It was decided that our front counter where the Tellers sit on a high stool for six to eight hours a day needed to be renovated. The Tellers were so excited about the proposed changes! After the renovation, the Tellers feel much better. The changes have improved greatly the physical lay-out for our Teller Stations. I tell other managers who are considering implementing ergonomic improvements in their departments to "Just do it". Seek out help. Fill out the Ergo grant application and stick with the process until it is done. - Becky

I began to encourage healthier behaviors in my department because I prefer to help employees at the "front end" before they start having medical issues that take them to the doctor. We ordered keyboard trays and ergonomically correct chairs as a first step toward creating a healthier work environment. I advise other managers to make changes in their furniture and work with the vendors when doing so; you need to be able to make sure that the solution fits the problem. - Brenda

I had tendonitis during graduate school and needed ergonomic adjustments for my work station at that time. When I started in my current position at the university, I noticed my fellow employees were having similar symptoms. That prompted me to arrange for an ergonomic assessment and call OSEH for help in changing my set up. All of my peers were very happy with my ergonomic evaluation, arranged to have their own, and heard positive reinforcement from their physical and massage therapists. As a result of the new changes, employees' say they are more comfortable while working which has resulted in increased productivity, morale and satisfaction. They are now much more aware of their posture and the value of periodically taking short breaks. - Tiffany

The DART report was showing a significant number of employee injuries caused by pushing and pulling and we were not near meeting the institutional goal of keeping employees safe. In efforts to counter the injuries, during bi-weekly team meetings over a period of six to eight months I conducted safety training and showed a video on ergonomics to all shifts. I also bought an electric dolly through the ergonomic grant. We went from 12-15 lost work days down to six to eight. Also, employee satisfaction, morale and health have gone up significantly. Workers are now more concerned about healthy behavior and have been consistently coming to me with ideas. I tell other managers who are interested in making similar improvements in their departments to engage staff and take the time to do what needs to be done. We focused internally, and it made a difference. - Derek

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Health Education

Health Education Resource Center

NicoleI'm so glad I discovered the HERC. As both a health care professional and a patient, I've found it to be a great resource with courteous and helpful staff. I've already begun recommending it to my patients. - Nicole

LindsayThe HERC has been a great resource for me and my family throughout my pregnancy. I continue to utilize its services to learn more about my daughter's development, parenting styles and health maintenance. The staff at the HERC are always there to answer my questions and point me in the right direction of specific resources. - Lindsay

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MHealthy has played a role in my quest to become more healthy, and I think it has for our whole department. - Harvey

PaulaThe MHealthy website is a tremendous resource. It's kind of a one-stop shopping. You can go there and you can get information about changing your eating habits, healthier cooking styles, exercise programs and ergonomics. - Paula

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