Child Care Initiative Meets Major Goals

In 2005, President Mary Sue Coleman launched the Child Care Initiative with three major goals:

  • Increase child care capacity
  • Increase capacity for infants and toddlers
  • Improve the facilities in which care is provided

This summer, 2011, each of these goals has been achieved. The original five Ann Arbor campus centers have been consolidated into three children’s centers, all of which serve infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.

In 2010, all of the University of Michigan child care centers were joined under the administrative umbrella of Business and Finance, allowing for a high-quality system of care that is coordinated and unified, making the most of shared services.

The facilities in which care is provided have also been significantly improved. The state-of-the-art Towsley Children’s House was opened in the spring of 2010 on South Forest, while both the Health System Children’s Center and the North Campus Children’s Center underwent major renovations. All three centers are now open for operation and enrolling new families.

Continuing work on the goals of the initiative will focus on expanding summer camp and elementary school-age services to help working families manage home and work responsibilities, as well as continued streamlining of administrative tasks in order to focus resources on the children and families served by these programs.

Many people worked together to bring these goals to fruition, including parents and families, teachers, center directors, administrators, architects, construction, grounds, maintenance, researchers and IT support staff. They are all to be congratulated for their teamwork and dedication in making the University of Michigan Child Care and Education program the very best it can be. 


Child Care

Work/Life Resource Center (offers assistance finding child care)

Kids Kare at Home

Campus Child Care Homes Network


Your Child: Development and Behavior Resources


Baby and Child Care Classes (from Health Education Resource Center)

Expectant Parents' Resource Program

Summer Programs

Summer programs provide children with the chance to develop character, learn valuable life skills, make new friends and discover new interests. For a list of summer programs at U-M for children and teens, see the Summer Camps listings on the Uniquely Michigan website. The Community Assistance Directory (CAD) also provides a list of U-M summer camps and workshops available for children, teens, and adults.

For information on summer camps and guidance in identifying a program that fits your child's needs and your family's schedule, please contact a Child Care Referral Specialist at the Work/Life Resource Center by calling 734-936-8677, or send an email to