Development Journey

Development Journey Model

About the Development Journey

The U-M Development Journey connects learners with developmental opportunities. This format puts guidance for professional and career development in the hands of the individual, not just with supervisors.

The Development Journey is a continuous professional development cycle. The length of the cycle is determined by the individual and the goals set.

Once you have gone through all of the steps for your current goals, start again and set new development goals.

There is also a Manager's Companion Guide that helps managers and supervisors to support their team members as they participate in the Development Journey.

The following video provides more information about the Development Journey:

  1. Assess By Level
  2. Identify Areas of Development
  3. Select Resources
  4. Create Development Plan
  5. Implement the Plan
  6. Periodically Check In
  7. Recalibrate-Reassess

Step One: Assess By Level

Step Two: Identify Areas of Development

Step Three: Select Resources

Step Four: Create Development Plan

Step Five: Implement the Plan

  • Carry out learning as outlined in IDP

Step Six: Periodically Check In

  • Schedule quarterly checkups with mentor, peer, or supervisor

Step Seven: Recalibrate-Reassess

  • Adjust as needed based on environmental conditions and experience

Repeat the Process