HRRIS Job Aids

HRRIS Job Aids are created to assist unit and central office administrators with the complexity of the faculty and staff appointment process.

How HRRIS Job Aids help you process transactions

There are four categories of HRRIS Job Aids:

  • Knowledge Articles
  • How To Create A Transaction
    • Step-by-step (text only); Scenario with screen shots; Movie
  • What Do I Do When I Get An Error Message
    • Directed to process/policy or center of expertise
    • Navigation to identify and fix error
  • Other Job Aids

The following key documents will always be accessible from this page.

Accessing Job Aids

HRRIS Job Aids are available in Google Drive.  Please note: Google Drive is not supported by Internet Explorer 8 (IE 8).            

For users without an M+Google account, access Google Drive here. Select the blue box, "Go to Google Drive", if displayed on your screen. You may then be prompted to login twice: once with your umich email address; second, with your uniqname and Kerberos password. If you receive the message, "Google Drive Wants a New Browser", just click on the link "old look" in the message displayed on your screen which reads: "Or you can go back to the Google Drive old look".

Once you've accessed Google Drive, enter "Job Aids" in the Search window to view the HRRIS Job Aids folder and documents.

For ease of future reference, HRRIS recommends at least one of the following:

  • Drag and drop the direct link to HRRIS Job Aids to your browser’s Favorites bar.
  • Click on the HRRIS Job Aids link, and “Add to My Drive” and/or “Add Star”, while in Google Drive.

Get the latest HRRIS Job Aids information

Join the HRRIS Job Aids email list to stay updated on on the latest developments and provide feedback. HRRIS recommends all users who create or approve appointment transactions self-join. It’s easy to add yourself to this group.  

To join the group:

Find in MCommunity and click the “Join Group” tab.  

To resign from the group:

Find in MCommunity  and click the “Resign” tab.

HRRIS Job Aids Presentations

Occasionally, HRRIS presents at HRMS Unit Liaison meeting to communicate the overall and future state of HRRIS Job Aids development.  These meetings are recorded and embedded here.

Personnel Action Request (PAR) Launchpad


If you have any questions regarding the content of this web page or the content of the HRRIS Job Aids Google drive folder, please contact HRRIS.