Targeted Email and Mailing Lists

Would you like to communicate with a specific group of Faculty, Staff or Students? To send a targeted email or request a file of mailing addresses, use the all-in-one form to Request Targeted Communication or Population Data Files.

Guidelines Concerning the Use of the Targeted Data Service

The data must be used only for official university business. The requested audience (population) is U-M faculty and/or staff.

There are two reports to help determine the correct population for your request: 

Data files are approved for one-time use only and are not to be stored or reused.

Use and handling of the data must comply with the university's Proper Use Policy and standards imposed by UHR or the RO. Also refer to the Standard Practice Guide, 601.12 Institutional Data Resource Management Policy.

If data will be used for research purposes, IRB Approval is required along with the following:

  • Attach a PDF of the IRB application and the IRB Approval of the application
  • Institutional Review Board documentation showing approval and IRB-approved detail as provided in Section 08-1 Subject Recruitment and 09 Survey Populations from the application. When applicable, it should include information about identifying characteristics, such as:
    • Age range
    • Gender
    • Ethnicity
  • Policy for Research with Human Participants: SPG 303.05
    • Research protocols must say how subjects will be recruited

Guidelines for Email Messages

  • Messages can be sent to U-M students, groups, departments, units, and campuses.
  • Information in the email message must be time-critical.
  • Message text must be clear, brief, and to the point.
  • Plain text emails cannot include rich text formatting (e.g., bold text, bulleted lists) or include images.
  • To send a message with formatted text and or images, you must provide HTML code. 
  • Message text should be no longer than two screens. To convey more information, consider referring recipients to another source, such as a Web page, for the details.
  • Message text should include contact information (email or phone) where further inquiries can be directed.
  • Messages should be generally relevant and meaningful to the work or work-life of the target population.
  • Attachments can not be sent with a targeted email; use of web links referenced within the email is the preferred solution for sharing files.

What Happens Once I Submit a Targeted Email Request?

Student population. If the box next to "Student" under the Population section is marked, the request will route to the Registrar’s Office (RO) for approval.  

Faculty/Staff population. If the box for "Faculty" or "Staff" is marked, the request will route to University Human Resources (UHR) for approval.  

File provided. If only the "File Provided" box is marked, the request will route to UHR. If the file contains student data, then the box next to "Student" also needs to be marked so the request will route to RO.

Requests involving both students and employees creates two separate approval paths (e.g., student data to RO for approval and employee data to UHR for approval).

Following necessary approval(s), the request then flows to Information Technology Services (ITS) to create and send the email or pull the data for the mailing list. Please note, mailing lists for home addresses cannot be provided.

Advertising Option

If your goal is to publicize an event or service, advertising in the University Record may be the most effective and appropriate way to reach faculty and staff. The Record is published weekly in print and daily electronically (during each major academic term) and sent to all active faculty and staff. Visit the University Record’s advertising page for more information.