Breastfeeding Equipment Rental and Purchasing

For Yourself

Personal breast pumps (brands include Ameda and Medela) can be purchased, and may be reimbursable by many insurance companies, including Premier Care. 

A note about the U-M Hospital lactation rooms: you will need an Ameda Egnell Double Pump Kit to attach to the electric pump provided, if you are not providing your own electric pump. If you own the Ameda Purely Yours, the tubing will also work on the hospital pumps. If you need pump parts, you may want to check the Ameda website. In addition to your own pump kit, you will need to provide bottles or some other suitable storage container for your milk. There is no milk storage space provided in any of these pump rooms. Many mothers use an ice pack and insulated lunch bag to store their milk for the day.

For U-M Departments

Contact U-M Purchasing for information on purchasing or renting-to-own Ameda hospital-grade breast pumps for your lactation rooms. Discounts may be available.