How to File a Claim for Long-Term Disability Benefits

In order to file a claim for Long-Term Disability benefits under either the Basic LTD or the Expanded LTD plan, you will need to:  

  1. Have Long-Term Disability coverage in force as defined under the Basic LTD or the Expanded LTD plan.
  2. Fully cooperate with Work Connections and provide medical information and documentation as requested
  3. Receive regular, appropriate care and treatment intended to aid your recovery and return to work, and
  4. Download and follow the Long-Term Disability Application Claims Process checklist.

The Benefits Office will notify you in writing once it has all the necessary documentation from Work Connections and your completed Long-Term Disability application claim forms. Download and review samples of the application claim forms.

Claim Review Procedure

The Benefits Office will send your completed application for claims and Work Connections documentation to an external, third-party Claims Administrator (CA) for review. The CA makes an independent determination to approve or deny LTD benefits, typically within three to four weeks. If your claim for LTD benefits is approved by the Claims Administrator, the Benefits Office will notify you by phone and in writing.

Claim Denial Appeal Process

If your claim is denied, in whole or in part, the Claims Administrator will send you a written notice indicating the reasons for denial. You may appeal the decision by submitting a request in writing, along with any additional supporting documentation, within 180 days from the date of the denial letter. Detailed instructions for submitting an appeal will be included in the written notice from the Claims Administrator.