Health Statements

You will Receive an Email from MetLife when a Health Statement is Required

Life Insurance Coverage for You

Depending on when you enroll in life insurance and the amount of coverage, you may be required to submit a health statement as proof of your insurability. If you enroll within 30 days of the date you become eligible and choose less than $650,000 of coverage, you will not need to provide a satisfactory health statement as proof of insurability. Therefore, it is to your advantage to enroll in life insurance at the time you become eligible, either when you are a new faculty or staff member at the university or when you become newly eligible for this benefit as the result of a change in appointment. In all other cases, you will need a health statement as proof of your insurability that is satisfactory to MetLife. MetLife may also require a physical examination. Your life insurance coverage becomes effective when the health statement is approved by MetLife, the Benefits Office has been notified, and you are actively at work. 

Life Insurance Coverage for Your Eligible Dependents

Your spouse or other qualified adult will need to provide a satisfactory health statement as proof of insurability in order to enroll in coverage under the Dependent Plan. Dependent children do not need to submit a health statement to be covered.

Watch for an Email Notification from MetLife

If your application for Life Insurance coverage for yourself requires completion of a Statement of Health (SOH) form, or if you apply for coverage for your eligible spouse or other qualified adult (OQA), you will receive an email from MetLife with instructions on how to complete the statement of health. It is important to respond to this email because your chosen level of coverage is subject to approval by MetLife. Be sure to check email Spam folders for the message from MetLife. For assistance in completing the SOH form, call MetLife at (877) 963-8932 for website navigation or technical assistance.  Call MetLife at (800) 638-6420 (prompt 1) for questions about the SOH process.

Here is an example of the email that will be sent from MetLife when a Statement of Health is required:

MetLife Complete Your Statement of Health Today example email