Learn, Try and Apply New Skills in 45 Minutes or Less

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Finding time for professional development can be a challenge. Take one of Organizational Learning's upcoming microlearning sessions and learn new approaches in 45 minutes or less. With these skills, you'll be able to engage in more meaningful conversations with your team members and achieve your professional goals faster and more efficiently.

Difficult Conversations

Learn how to create an environment that supports meaningful and engaging conversations around some of the most difficult topics. 

Acing Your Interview

Are you looking to make a job change in the near future? Gain the skills you need to conclude your interview process gracefully. 

Take Your Professional Development to the Next Level with the U-M Development Journey and LinkedIn Learning

Determine your current professional development needs using the Development Journey and learn how to utilize LinkedIn Learning to plan your personalized professional development plan. 

Using Conversation Clubs to Strengthen Team Communication

Conversation clubs give teams a chance to talk about workplace topics that aren’t always explicitly discussed. Join this microlearning session to discover ways you might be able to use it in your unit!

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