Eldercare Support Series: Getting Started

Caring Older Couple

In response to a pilot adult caregiving survey sent during the summer of 2020, the UHR News will feature a new monthly series highlighting eldercare support resources. The survey was sent to approximately 2,000 MHealthy Champions and Voices of the Staff members. One of the main themes to emerge from the 290 responses is an interest in having regular caregiver support information. 

“Eldercare support is a big challenge for many reasons. One is that the need for caring for an older adult in our lives often comes up unexpectedly,” states Barb Mulay, manager of the U-M Work-Life Resource Center. “Having resources available and planning in advance can help prepare you before a crisis occurs.”

Eldercare Support Series Topics

Throughout 2021, the Eldercare Support Series will highlight such topics as: 

  • Information Gathering  
  • Caregiving and Emotional Support
  • Memory Loss 
  • In-Home Care Agencies
  • Senior Living Facilities
  • Financial and Legal Support
  • Health and Safety Tips

Getting Started with Two Resources

Planning for eldercare can start long before any active care is needed. You will need to know the answers to specific questions when talking with family members, health care providers and others involved in the care of your loved one, especially in emergency situations. Take a look at these tips and begin the process now, so you are prepared. Additionally, caring for an older adult can require a considerable amount of time, energy, money, and focus. It’s a good strategy to build a caregiving team, to share responsibilities and support each other. You can reach out to siblings, close friends, and other relatives to create your personal care network. The website Aging Care is a great general resource. It has a 5-step process to help you create your all-star care team


If you have immediate needs for elder care support or resources, contact the Work-Life Resource Center

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