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Note: This team is no longer active. The information below is available to document the history of service VOICES members have provided to the university community.

Environmental Stewardship Team

2011 Team Roster (PDF)


The VOICES of the Staff Environmental Stewardship team will focus on developing and promoting a greener and cleaner environment across the University community. The team will address ways to integrate staff engagement in the development and promotion of environmental stewardship values across the campus in order to manage and preserve our resources in an environmentally sustainable manner for the U-M community and future generations.


To examine the selected topic of Environmental Stewardship by:

  • Listening and learning from staff experiences from multiple venues where the staff perspective will provide insight and feedback in improving the U-M environment for all.
  • Learning about the best current thinking in the area of environmental stewardship and sustainability.
  • Becoming informed and partnering with current U-M initiatives and programs.
  • Coordinating Voices of the Staff environmental stewardship network team activities so as to maximize effort and avoid duplication.
  • Serving as a sounding board for new initiatives or strategies by providing input and feedback on U-M environmental initiatives and programs.
  • Providing advice and input about how best to engage staff members.
  • Finding ways to share what is learned with the wider staff community.


View the Environmental Stewardship Team's poster presentation from the 2010 Annual Meeting.

Network Team Members

Environmental Stewardship Team

Team Members


Bates, Kelly

Internal Medicine

Gaynor, Rebecca

Internal Medicine

Kelly, Nancy

Hospital Financial Services

Lankford, Jill

OHM Ortho/Trauma

Macario, Gene


Meyers, Sarah

UH Cardiovascular Medicine

Ratkiewicz, Paulette

Mott Respiratory Care

Smith, Margaret


Wesley, Donald

UMH Facilities Projects



Team Members Department
Andy Berki OSEH
Drew Horning Graham Institute



Team Members Department
Tim Kennedy Planet Blue
Barb Mulay U-M Work/Life Resource Center

2011 Team Roster (PDF)

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