Career Development Passport - launching 2013

April 14, 2014

The 12-month long Career Development Passport Pilot (CDPP) officially ended on February 28, 2014.  Beginning in March, 2013, more than 500 staff members from the Ann Arbor campus and Health System participated in various career-focused growth and development activities surrounding self-assessment, career exploration, professional development and opportunities to hone job search skills and techniques. 

On February 7, 2014, a CDPP Capstone Event was held at the Michigan Union where attendees had an opportunity to hear a leadership panel discussion during which the following individuals shared their career stories, offered career support and advice and responded to participant questions:  

  • Tom Baird, Assistant Vice President for Development
  • Deborah Childs, UMHS Chief Human Resource Officer
  • James Jackson, Director of the Institute for Social Research
  • Tim Slottow, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
  • Gloria Thomas, Director, Center for the Education of Women
  • Laurita Thomas, Associate Vice President for Human Resources

In addition to the panel discussion, the Capstone Event included an interactive keynote workshop conducted by career expert Jocelyn Giangrande based on her book:  What's in Your Sandwich? - 10 Sure-Fire Ingredients for Career Success.  At the close of the event, participants were thanked for attending and for continuing to invest in their U-M careers.

A review and evaluation of the Pilot are currently underway. Based on the review and evaluation data, a final report will be submitted in the very near future in hopes that executive leadership would consider turning the pilot into an ongoing effort.


September 30, 2013

We have passed the mid-point of the 12-month Career Development Passport Pilot (CDPP).  Since April 2013, CDPP participants have continued to take advantage of the various activities already scheduled, as well as invested separately in those activities that they have identified on their own.  Planning is currently underway for a CDPP Celebration - the end of the 12-month Pilot - that will take place in February, 2014.  To assess the level of success of this 12-month experiment, an evaluation will be conducted soon after the end-date.  Stay tuned for future updates, but in the meantime, you are encouraged to  visit the CDPP web page for additional information: .


March 25, 2013

Launch events to confirm participation in the Career Development Passport Pilot were held in March 2013.   Information and activities associated with the Pilot can be found at: 


  • Designed to assist U-M staff with taking more responsibility for their individual career development aspirations, this self-led and self-motivating active program allows for staff to learn about various career opportunities available at U-M, and about the importance of creating career development strategies that include:
  • Personal/career assessments
  • Career exploration
  • On-going learning and development
  • Networking opportunities

CD Pilot Overview:
What is the Career Development Passport Pilot?

  • A 12-month pilot initiative with an overall goal of enhancing knowledge of career navigation strategies among current regular staff

What are Career Development Passport Pilot Goals?

  • To provide career navigation and development presentations across a variety of professions
  • To offer opportunities to engage in career networking, coaching and mentoring activities
  • To provide access to career development tools, including information to leverage the resources available through the Career Development Resources web site
  • To increase communication about career advancement and professional development at the U-M

Why Should Staff Participate in the Passport Pilot?

  • Empowerment opportunity to take more responsibility for individual career aspirations
  • Structured opportunities to network and meet potential mentors/coaches/advisers
  • Opportunities to attend monthly lunch-time career-focused brown bag events
  • Access to on-line tool to create e-portfolio (access to MLearning tool)
  • Access to CD Pilot Passport to document career/professional development journey (hard copy and on-line)

Who Can Participate?

  • as many as 900 regular staff on the Ann Arbor and Medical campuses (participation not extended to Regional campuses at this time)

When Does the Pilot Begin and What is the Timeline?

  • An on-line pre-registration period will take place in February, 2013
  • The 12-month Pilot will begin in March 2013 with registrants attending a kick-off event to confirm participation and to register for access to MLearning (e-portfolio tool)
  • CD Pilot activities begin March 2013 thru February 2014

Where will Events Take Place?

  • Kick-off events will be held at 3 separate U-M locations (March 2013 specific dates/times - TBD):  open house format with career-focused poster sessions; access to content experts; registration for access to MLearning; and to pick-up CD Passport.
  • CD Pilot events will take place at a variety of locations across the university and in collaboration with Unit Partners

What Resources are Associated with the CD Pilot?

  • CD Passport booklet* will be available to document career development journey at the March 2013 kick-off events; the booklet will also be made available on-line for downloading
  • e-Portofolio creation:  registration to use on-line tool (MLearning) to create personalized transcripts of learning & development activities will occur at March 2013 kick-off events
  • Units/departments will host career-focused learning events beginning in April 2013
  • Calendar of monthly events will be posted/communicated on a regular basis beginning in March 2013
  • Career Development Resources web site will house relevant information for participants and for supervisors
  • No-cost workshops and a conference hosted/facilitated by HRD will be announced in March 2013

What is a CD Passport?*
The CD Passport is a hard copy booklet that will allow for participants to:

  • make journal entries about career activities in 4 areas: self-assessment & readiness; career exploration; job search and professional development
  • document/capture information about connections with mentors/coaches/advisers
  • document attendance at unit-based career events
  • reference information about the U-M shared commitment in support of career development

The CD Passport will also be available on-line.

What are Unit Partners?
Unit partners are volunteers that support and participate in the CD Pilot as follows: 

  • identify classifications or job groups within their unit to be showcased as potential career opportunities for current U-M staff
  • host at least 1 brown bag career session for CD Pilot participants (within the 12-month pilot period)
  • identify classification-focused content/subject matter expert(s) to participate in poster session kick-off events (attend all 3 events)
  • identify individuals to be available to serve as peer career mentors/coaches/advisers and to participate in speed-networking events

How Do I Get More Information?

  • Departments and units interested in receiving additional information about the CD Pilot should contact the Career Development Passport Pilot planning team at
  • Updates will be made to the Voices of the Staff website as progress is made with development and implementation of this pilot initiative: .

This 12-month career development-focused initiative is a collaboration of:

  • University Human Resources
  • Voices of the Staff Career Development Network Group
  • Center for the Education of Women
  • Women of Color Task Force
  • Health System Human Resources

CD Pilot Planning Team Members:

  • Jacquie Bowman
  • Valerie Eaglin
  • Patti Kardia
  • Marlanna Landeros
  • Veretta Nix
  • Janice Reuben
  • Ron Sober
  • Kristen Storey
  • Latreece Taylor 
  • Jean Tennyson
  • Kerianne Tupac
  • Janis Williamson


Departments and units interested in receiving additional information about the pilot should contact the Career Development Passport Pilot planning team at