Quote:  "I encourage everyone to consider a contribution supporting this worthy cause through which we can help our own."  Tim Slottow, Exec Vice Pres and Chief Financial Officer

The Emergency Hardship Program (EHP) provides assistance for University of Michigan Staff and Faculty members who are experiencing an immediate, severe and temporary financial situation due to an emergency.

The program provides resource recommendations and, potentially, one-time emergency financial assistance (up to a maximum of $800) to eligible staff based on need and a set of eligibility criteria. The hardship must be temporary – an employee with long-standing financial challenges will not meet the temporary hardship requirement.

The EHP began as a pilot with a grant from the University of Michigan Credit Union and matching funds form donations of faculty and staff. Currently the program is being supported with a generous donation from TCF Bank. As a community and University supporter, TCF Bank has made very generous donations to sustain the fund. Other donors include more than 166 university employees, MHealthy Active U teams, The University of Michigan Trades Union, and others.

Emergency Hardship Finance Committee

  • John Balbach
  • Eileen Brussolo
  • James Corey
  • Donna Dotson
  • Mary Guttman
  • Michael Herrington
  • Sharon Huetteman
  • Catherine Lilly
  • David Reid
  • Laurie Rueche
  • Karen Semenuk
  • Tom Waldecker

For More Information, Call 936-8660.

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