Make a Nomination for the Voices Champion Award

  • Nominations for the 2020 Voices Champion Award are due by May 1, 2020.

The Voices Champion Award recognizes an individual, group, or unit that has supported and carried forward the Voices of the Staff mission of staff engagement in a visible way.  A Voices champion may have:

  • Enabled the realization of one of more Voices network team goals/objectives
  • Promoted and/or implemented practices that enhance staff member engagement within a unit or department
  • Collaborated directly with a Voices team to further that team’s work
  • Created a local program modeled on or inspired by Voices that enhances work and/or the working culture in that unit.

To assure your nomination has the best chance to be considered:

  • Describe in detail the actions that led to your nomination. Be specific and give concrete examples. Nomination documents that are too general or too brief will not be considered.
  • Nominations should focus on successes that individuals and/or groups have already accomplished. Avoid nominating plans or ideas that are still under development.