Mentoring and Networking Opportunities

The purpose of this portion of the Development Journey is to provide you with initial resources that will help you become successful in expanding your professional networks - this is sometimes one of the hardest steps to make! This resource guide is available to help you navigate the process of making connections with new people and how to get the most from those interactions. We’ve provided quick tips and tools to conduct informational interviews. Lastly, we’ve provided information to help you get the most out of your mentoring relationships, both as a mentor and mentee. Keep in mind that these resources are just the starting point and that the real work begins when you get out there and connect with people! 

Formal mentoring resources available at U-M:


A micro-mentoring program open to all faculty and staff at U-M that is intended to increase your professional networks and provide a platform to foster the sharing of internal expertise and experiences. Once you are part of the program, you will be connected with a mentoring match once every 45 days. You can find out more about Micro-Mentoring at U-M or email the U-M Micro-Mentoring team for more information.