LinkedIn Learning Terminology

These are some quick definitions to terms that are used on LinkedIn Learning and in My LINC. 


Like a complete book 

  • Certificate of completion within LinkedIn Learning 
  • Completed courses are automatically included on your My LINC transcript for proof of completion


Like a chapter within a book


Like a customizable playlist

They are a great way to categorize content based on an area of interest or development.

  • Anyone can create their own collections
  • U-M admins can add custom external content
  • Can be viewed in any order
  • Only completed courses are included on your My LINC transcript

Learning Path

Compiled playlist of related courses on a specific topic or career track

They include multiple courses by different expert instructors to teach a variety of skills and information associated with that subject or profession.

  • Expert-curated (from LinkedIn Learning and U-M admins)
  • Must take in sequential order
  • Certificate of completion within LinkedIn Learning
  • Only completed courses are included on your My LINC transcript

Role Guides

A single destination to explore foundational content and tools to help you understand, learn and improve at skills needed for specific job roles. The content is curated by LinkedIn’s industry experts for the most in-demand roles, based on LinkedIn’s data and insights.

To view a Role Guide:

  • On LinkedIn Learning, select Browse
  • Select the desired Role Guide

Learning Tracks

Curriculums compiled specifically for U-M within My LINC

  • A way to get credit for individual videos from LinkedIn Learning on your My LINC training transcript