Micro-consulting is a short burst of work that is focused on a specific topic and is delivered and acted upon quickly. Consultants engage with units who require additional expertise to supplement their in-house knowledge to tackle small projects and achieve business goals/objectives. This service is available at no cost to U-M units.

Service Details

Cost: Free

Target Audience: Individuals leading an initiative or team

Format: Video conferencing or phone

Time: 30-60 minute meeting (up to 3 sessions within 3-month period)

Scheduling: Individuals can request an appointment by completing the unit request form

Out of Scope:

  • Complex projects that would exceed 3-months
  • Requests for design/development or facilitation of unit-specific workshops or programs


To support individuals leading an initiative or a team in their efforts to transform their culture, increase employee engagement, transition back to the workplace and build internal capacity to thrive

Opportunities for Micro-consulting Services

What we (OL Consultants) can do in a micro-consulting session:

  • Partner as a sounding board or provide a quick checkpoint before executing an initiative, in the midst of a project or to clarify next steps.
  • Troubleshoot challenges or issues faced at work and brainstorm/explore solution possibilities, such as:
    • Team learning, skill development
    • Team building, relationship building
    • Workplace conflict
    • Culture change
    • Strategic planning: mission, vision, values, goals
  • Provide recommendations for learning interventions.
  • Identify strategies, tools and resources to support culture change and development of action plans/steps.

Organizational Benefits

  • Provides just-in time assistance, support, advice and counsel for workplace challenges and opportunities
  • Helps a leader shift from awareness to behavioral change and modeling
  • Encourages commitment and accountability for successful transference/application of learning before/after learning interventions
  • Proactive response to COVID-19
  • Increases awareness of OL services